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Inspiration Gallery
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Painted by Michael Bray

14554: Kragmarr Dwarf Captain, sculpted by Tom Mason

7 Thumbs Up!
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Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard
Painted by Benjamin L

03393: Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard, sculpted by Tre Manor

14 Thumbs Up!
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Aurora Flurry, Razorclaw Shifter
Painted by BlueNiteDragon

03315: Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue, sculpted by Derek Schubert

8 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Krolik1519

14315: Rod Blackreef, Mercenaries Sergeant, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

9 Thumbs Up!
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The Elf who Refused to Wear Green
Painted by Krolik1519

03198: Talathlan, Elf Ranger, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

4 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Nic Daniel

03403: Na'Kaat, Female Half Dragon Paladin, sculpted by Julie Guthrie

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Ishara in Green
Painted by John Bonnot

02972: Ishara Snowfinch, Druid, sculpted by Dennis Mize

24 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Ernest Bhend (Second Place Summer 09 Contest)

50011: Sasquatch, sculpted by Jason Wiebe

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Painted by Anne Foerster

30005: Ellen Stone, Cowgirl (54mm), sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

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Painted by Michael Bisignani

03007: Egyptian Cat Statue, sculpted by Bob Olley

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Painted by Anne Foerster

14401: Crusader Ivy Crown Archer, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

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Painted by Rachel Borthwick

02736: Thull, Evil Fighter, sculpted by Gael Goumon

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