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Inspiration Gallery
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Petra Posiedew, Gnome Sorceress
Painted by NoshstarX

03196: Petra Posiedew, Gnome Sorceress, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

4 Thumbs Up!
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My first painting work--Astrid
Painted by Ianchen

03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler, sculpted by Werner Klocke

9 Thumbs Up!
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Mandarin Fish Pearl
Painted by Krolik1519

03078: Pearl the Mermaid, sculpted by Werner Klocke

9 Thumbs Up!
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Henri Potier, magicien halfling et son lapin familier
Painted by David Kolacinski

02667: Halfling Wizard, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

9 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by David Kolacinski

03001: Phoenix, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

11 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Anne Foerster

60045: Alain, Iconic Cavalier, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

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Painted by Jesma

03149: Justine, Undead Hunter, sculpted by Matt Gubser

10 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Jason Glocka

02558: Anduriel, Elf Warrior, sculpted by Werner Klocke

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Painted by Matt Clark

30012: Dark Maiden, Shipwreck Angel, sculpted by

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Painted by Chris Smith

02941: Ghouls and Ghast (3), sculpted by Ben Siens

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