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Inspiration Gallery
What is the Inspiration Gallery? (FAQ)
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Inspiration Gallery
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Inspiration Gallery FAQ

  • Introduction

    • What is the Inspiration Gallery?
    • The Inspiration Gallery is a gallery that was dreamed up by the fans of Reaper Miniatures! Denizens of our forums have been asking (for quite a long time!) to have a centralized collection of painted Reaper figures that could be easily searched and navigated. The main purpose behind the gallery is for Inspiration: to have painted versions of models to help figure out what all the little bits are, and to have various paint schemes to help decide on a color palette.

    • Who is allowed to post images?
    • Anyone is allowed to make entries for the Inspiration Gallery, as long as they have a valid Reaper account and Display Name (and as long as they own the pictures they want to post!).

    • Where do the images come from?
    • The Inspiration Gallery contains user submissions from painters all over the world while also listing every single painted figure in Reaper's collection.

    • What are the Terms and Conditions for the Inspiration Gallery?
    • Terms and Conditions: The Inspiration Gallery is a free service provided by Reaper Miniatures on behest and by request of its fans. Reaper reserves the right to decline any submission for any reason at any time, or change the status of an approved entry to a denied entry at any time for any reason. Reaper will make every reasonable effort to attribute the painter of the figure in whichever form the figure appears (print, web, etc.) as space allows. Reaper reserves the right to change the guidelines for acceptance (as listed below in the FAQ) at any time. Painters whose work is accepted to the Inspiration Gallery or any other location on Reaper's website are not considered Official Reaper Paint Crew members or Official Reaper painters, and may not represent themselves as such unless directly informed by Reaper Miniatures. No monetary, product, or other type of compensation will be provided for entries to the gallery.

      Reaper Miniatures does not claim ownership rights to the text, photos, images, or files that you upload to the Inspiration Gallery. By posting your entries to the Inspiration Gallery, you represent and warrant you own the Content posted and have the right to grant the license posted in this section, and that you hereby grant to Reaper Miniatures a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, limited license to use, modify, delete from, add to, publicly display, reproduce and translate such Content, whether to the website, print media, or other form. Due to formatting of pages, thumbnail images, and other factors, Reaper Miniatures cannot guarantee that every single occurrence of the image will be attributed, but will make every reasonable effort to include attribution wherever possible. Because the submitting painter is in control of what name is used Reaper is not responsible for images mis-attributed due to painter error, but will in all cases work with the painter to help them change their display name in the event they are not able to do so themselves.

      By submitting your work to the Inspiration Gallery, you are granting Reaper Miniatures Attribution rights to your images as listed in the Creative Commons with the attribution conditions as specified in the paragraph above. If, at any point, the usage terms of the above conditions or the Creative Commons diverge the guidelines stated here will take precedence.

  • How to Use the Inspiration Gallery

    • How do I view an entry?
    • You can view a more expanded version of the entry in two ways, by either clicking on one of the thumbnails, or by clicking on the "View Full" link in the lower right corner of the entry.

    • What does "View Full" mean?
    • "View Full" expands the entry, showing larger photos, links to find more work by the painter or other versions of the same SKU, and several other fun things.

    • How do I change which image is full-sized?
    • If you are looking at the entry when it first loads, clicking on any image in a row will expand the entry, and show that image as the large image ("View Full" always defaults to the main image). In the expanded view, clicking on a thumbnail will change the large image. Note that if an entry only has one image no thumbnail will appear in the expanded view.

    • Why are the entries "animated"? Wouldn't it be faster to just have the new entries appear?
    • To help out our fans who are on slower internet connections the Inspiration Gallery only loads the expanded views as needed; the animations are there to give feedback and let you know the system's working.

    • What do the skulls by some of the pictures mean?
    • The Reaper Skull is used to show which entries are in the Gallery that came out of the Reaper collection. Over the years Reaper has amassed a large amount of painted miniatures both by their talented in-house painters, commissions, minis they have purchased outright, and by whatever other means Ron can get his hands on them with. The skulls will quickly let you know which pictures are in the gallery from that collection, and which ones are appearing from submissions by Reaper fans (which are way cooler anyway!).

    • Why do some of the entries have titles and others don't?
    • Sometimes a painted figure is worth more than a thousand words; because of this entries are not required to have titles. By default, images from Reaper's collection will not have titles.

    • Why are the pictures sized they way they are? I want them smaller/larger/wider/shorter.
    • The Inspiration Gallery was designed to accomodate the greatest percentage of our online users, both in terms of bandwidth and screen real estate. Images posted to the Show Off Forum can still be colossal in size.

    • How do I sort the entries?
    • Up on the top right of the Inspiration Gallery are several links you can click to change how the gallery is sorted. Latest orders them with the newest entries on top of the screen and older on the bottom; Oldest is the exact opposite. The a-z/0-9 and 9-0/z-a links will either sort the entries in numeric order according to their SKU or by painter if you are only looking at one SKU. If you are curious to see which minis have received the most thumbs up over arbitrary periods of time, choose one of the Thumbs sorts (week, year, forever, fivever, etc.).

    • What are Thumbs Up?
    • Thumbs Up are a way for you to let the painter of an mini know that somewhere, out there, somebody thought they did a good job. Rather than append an arbitrary numeric scale to the gallery, we decided a simple Thumbs Up was both more friendly and helpful. The painter can only see how many Thumbs Up they've been given, and not who did or did not give them one.

    • How do I give an image a Thumbs Up?
    • If you are not logged into the Reaper website you will see a grayed-out icon with a white thumb. After logging in, it will change to a red background and a black thumb. Once you click on the icon, it will turn white, indicating your approval of the image! It's that easy!

    • How often can I give a mini a Thumbs Up?
    • You are only able to give an individual entry one Thumbs Up.

    • Why do I have to create an account/log in to give a Thumbs Up?
    • Because the Inspiration Gallery is on the Internet we felt asking for people to log in first would help give a bit of veracity to the system.

    • Help, this entry isn't showing a Thumbs Up icon at all!
    • The Thumbs Up system is only for the super-cool user-submitted Inspiration Gallery entries! Don't worry, the Reaper Paint Crew knows you love them.

    • How can I search for a particular mini/type of mini?
    • The easiest way is to type a word or words you'd like to search for in the "Search Entries" box in the upper right corner of the Inspiration Gallery. Searches looking for a certain race with a weapon, i.e. Human Sword or Orc Axe work, as well as searching for a figure's SKU, a Reaper product line (Warlord, Dark Heaven), the title of an entry, or even a painter's name or sculptor's name. Note that because Reaper does not own a painted version of every miniature they've produced a figure you find using another service, like the Figure Finder, may not return a painted search result.

      In the Expanded View of an entry you will also find handy-dandy links to quickly search for all of a particular model (by SKU) or all entries by that painter (assuming they have painted and submitted more than just the one you love).

    • How do I find a particular artist?
    • Besides searching for them in the Search Entries box, you can also click the drop-down box titled "Artist Finder" in the top right. Inside, you will find all the painters in the system, both for the Reaper Collection and for user-submitted Inspiration Gallery entries, as well as the sculptors of all those wonderful pieces of pewter.

    • How do I find a particular category of Reaper product?
    • You can either type in the product line in the Search Entries box (i.e. Warlord, CAV, etc.) or click the Minature Categories heading to expand a list of categories to choose from.

    • How do I find common tags for miniatures?
    • You can either type in the search terms in the Search Entries box (i.e. Fairy, Sophie, etc.) or click the Top Tags heading to expand a list of the most commonly used tags to choose from.

    • How can I link to an entry that I like/send to a friend?
    • Underneath the entry in the Expanded View are a row of icons to do exactly that! Using them will allow you to link to an entry, send it to a friend via email, or quickly post it up on various networking sites.

    • This entry doesn't have an "Add to List" link, how do I buy it?
    • Occasionally you will find a figure that is either a painted version of an advanced copy of a figure that has not been released yet (typically from the Reaper Collection), that was a figure in a miniature line Reaper no longer has the rights to produce, that was a limited edition model no longer for sale, or that had its SKU changed for various reasons (resized Army packs, boxed sets, etc). When this is the case you will not have the option of adding the figure to your shopping cart.

    • Is there any way for me to buy the painted model instead of the plain one?
    • At the bottom of every expanded entry are the words, "Figure sold unpainted and unassembled." With the exception of its Legendary Encounters pre-painted plastics line Reaper does not sell painted miniatures. Figures are in the Inspiration Gallery for inspiration purposes only; the "Add to Cart" links are provided to allow viewers who like the miniature in question to quickly add it to their list without having to bounce back and forth between different screens (with a figure of the unpainted, unadulterated (well, ok, primed) miniature right above it to clarify).

    • I searched for a model but couldn't find any painted ones, how is this possible?
    • With all of the models Reaper produces in a given year Reaper would need several dozen Anne's to get them all painted, so there are going to be several numbers without a painted version in the Inspiration Gallery. Don't fret though! You can go to the Forums and search for a mini there (as someone might have painted it in the past, long before there was an Inspiration Gallery), or to several other gallery websites.

      If, however, you saw a painted version on another part of this site, but it does not show up here, you can contact the webmaster (link at the very bottom of every page) and let us know something's amiss.

    • I saw a picture that violated the guidelines here, how is that possible?
    • Chances are, if it was a picture from the Reaper Collection, any and all guidelines are out the window. It's Reaper's gallery, after all, they can go crazy if they want to! If you feel an image is grossly breaking the rules, as always, emailing the webmaster (link at the bottom of every Reaper page) is certainly ok. However, the Inspiration Gallery is a vast, organic beast, and we're only just now beginning to see which way it's going to grow, so expect some give and take as well as individual discretion on the part of our reviewers on what does or doesn't count as a valid entry.

    • What's this "Power Palette" thing? I don't remember that being there before!
    • The Power Palette is a new tool to help answer a frequent question asked all the time, "What colors did the painter use to paint that?". In the Expanded View, simply click on the image where you want to sample the colors from. The Power Palette will give you the most common colors on and around the spot you chose, as well as calculating the best match for the area. More information about what it is, and how it works, can be found on the full version of the Power Palette.

    • What is the Color Tag Palette used for?
    • The Color Tag Palette is a list of swatches of all of the colors users (and Reaper) have tagged their images with. Simply click on a swatch to see a list of all of the miniatures that have been tagged as having that color as one of its "main" colors. If you are not sure what color a swatch is, hovering your mouse over the swatch will show you the SKU and name of the paint; the SKU and name will also appear at the top of the Inspiration Gallery area.

      The swatches are roughly organized by hue, so if you are looking for a particular general color (say, red, for instance) you can click through the paints in the same general area to see more results in the same general hue. Note that searching for a paint used in the "Search Entries" box in the upper right will only work if the SKU alone is used; using the name of the paint or other search terms will return no matches (i.e. "9002 Cloth" will not work).

    • What are the "Color Tags for this Entry"?
    • The "Color Tags for this entry" are a line of swatches showing the colors the user chose as best representing the main colors of their figure; this box only appears in the Full view. Hovering over the swatch will show you the SKU and name of the paint, and clicking on it will search for all entries tagged with that color. You will not see a "Color Tags for this entry" box if the user has not selected colors for their image yet (but you can still click on the image and use the Power Palette Lite).

  • Entry Guidelines

    • Why can I not see a link to create an entry?
    • You must be logged into the site in order to see the "Submit a New Entry!" in the upper right corner of the gallery.

    • Why do I have to create an account/log in to post an entry?
    • In order to ensure all of the artists are properly accredited for all their wonderful work logging in and creating a Display Name are required. You can change your display name at any time, and the system will update your entries accordingly.

    • What minis are accepted?
    • Any painted Reaper model can be submitted to the gallery! Note that due to numerous factors we cannot accept submissions of other companies' miniatures at this time. Miniature lines like Pathfinder that Reaper produces for another company are able to be accepted.

    • What are the guidelines for acceptance?
    • Submissions to the Inspiration Gallery have to be of miniatures that the submitting user has painted, and photos of which they have rights to. Images must be cropped to prominently display the figure without excess whitespace around it. Logos, urls, watermarks, borders, or any excessive or visually disruptive photo-manipulation are not allowed. All photographs in an entry must be of one figure only and of one view only (though smaller detail insets are fine), or in the case of multi-packs photographed where all models are clearly visible. Because the gallery is intended for Inspiration purposes miniatures should cleanly painted with highlighting and shading along with completed basing. Pictures of nude models are allowed in the Inspiration Gallery (as long as they are Reaper models, of course); note that this is different than the policy of the Show Off Forum. Images will also be screened for any content deemed inappropriate by Reaper Miniatures (which will be decided by the reviewing approver).

    • How do I post my diorama?
    • In the case of dioramas with more than one main figure, each figure must be entered separately underneath the appropriate SKU's to avoid confusion when other users search the gallery. Dioramas are a hard category to place in the Inspiration Gallery, as the goal of the Gallery is to quickly find painted versions of models one at a time. If figures from multiple SKUs are very close together, to where the average user would not be able to quickly ascertain which model is which, it might not be a good fit for the Inspiration Gallery (but would still go great in the Show Off Forum!).

      Another guideline when deciding how to display complicated dioramas is to avoid making a separate entry for bits or small pieces of a model. For instance, if you used the wrench from Rosie, Chronotechnician in a different miniature's hands, a full entry under Rosie's SKU showing a different miniature but with just the one bit would be confusing. The reviewers for the gallery will try to place complicated images in the most logical place possible, but may require you to resubmit with clearer photos or different grouping of photos as necessary.

    • I have an image with both Reaper figures and non-Reaper figures, is that ok?
    • Figures in the Inspiration Gallery must be Reaper models. Note that non-descript items like pre-made bases, scenic elements, and other generic parts are fine; humanoids, familiars, or iconic weaponry (for example) from other manufacturers is prohibited. As always, Reaper will make the final decision over what does or does not constitute allowable parts.

    • I have a multi-model pack I have painted, how should I post them?
    • Because the images in the gallery are of fixed width, you can either stand them close together for a group shot (as opposed to being spread out side-by-side), or submit them individually by looking up their part numbers (the SKU under the Boneyard bits will usually read P#####A where the #'s are the regular sku and the last letter denotes each piece).

    • What kind of image files will the system accept?
    • The Inspiration Gallery requires all photos to be in the JPEG (.jpg) format. Any graphics editor such as GIMP or Photoshop, in addition to allowing you to crop and resize your photos, should allow you to save your work in the JPEG format.

    • How large of an image can I post?
    • The file size of each individual photograph should be less than 300KB in size. Actual pixel dimensions are irrelevant, as the system will automatically resize the image as needed to fit within the confines of the design (usually 400px or so upon display). Your favorite graphics editor should have the capabilities of resizing your images to appropriate sizes.

    • Do I need to make thumbnails of my image?
    • You do not need to provide the system with thumbnails of your images; simply provide the main viewing angles you wish to show off your piece with, and the Inspiration Gallery will make the thumbnails for you.

    • How should I name my images?
    • The system employs a standard naming scheme to allow quick manipulation of the images, so feel free to name your images in whatever way makes you happy.

    • Can I put my logo/watermark on my photos?
    • Logos, watermarks, urls, or other information are not allowed in the submitted photographs. Attribution is given to each painter in the same way, by displaying the name they choose next to or underneath the images. Note that this policy is different than the Show Off gallery which has no restrictions on images.

    • How do I add an image to my entry?
    • After you log into the site and click the "Add a new entry!" link you will see the "Choose File" dialog button in three separate boxes (note that different browsers show different words, but all work in much the same way). When you click the button, you should see a list of files and directories on your computer; simply navigate to the folder your pictures are stored in and click on the file name you want to upload, then click "Open" or "Ok" (depending upon your operating system the exact word may be different).

    • What is a SKU?
    • A SKU is a four, five, or seven-character code that is unique for every Reaper product. You can typically find the SKU on the top of the blister card of the miniature.

    • Why do I have to put the SKU in for my entry? Don't you know all the SKU's by now?
    • Inputting the correct SKU will help speed up the time it takes to process your entry into the system. Reaper has produced thousands of different miniatures, and unfortnately does not have an automated SKU matching system. One of the main reasons the Inspiration Gallery was created was to quickly find paintjobs of miniatures; having each entry correctly matched to a SKU makes that possible. If you are completely stuck and unable to find the SKU of your figure enter in any four-digit number and the system will accept it, though it could possibly increase the amount of time needed for our reviewers to approve it.

      We also use the SKU instead of the name of the miniature due to the occurrances in the past of an evil clan of monkey-ninjas who sneak into our warehouse and put typos on blister cards, CasketWorks, and even in our website. Our SKU's are normally warded against such dastardly creatures though.

    • How can I look up what SKU my model is?
    • If you do not have the blister card readily available there are several options. The easiest is the SKU Lookup box on the right side of the entry form. Type in search terms (such as Female, Axe, Plate, etc.) and click the GO button; the system will output possible matches underneath the box. If there are more than 250 results you may need to supply more terms. Once the list of results has been thinned down you should see thumbnails of miniatures followed by their SKU and name. Simply click on the name or picture and it will feed the SKU to the form. You can also use the Fantasy Figure Finder or Online Store as well to find out what the model's SKU is.

    • Do I have to enter a title for my entry?
    • Titles are not required! If you would like to give your piece a short, descriptive title feel free, but we'll by no means make you do it.

    • I saw a really great mini on [pick a site, any site]. Can I put that picture in the gallery myself?
    • You may only submit pictures of models you yourself have painted.

    • How long will it take for my entry to be approved?
    • Please allow us one week (five business days) to consider your entry. Note than due to the unforeseen number of possible entries and busy times of the year (can you say ReaperCon?) it might take longer, but we understand that the Inspiration Gallery is exciting, and you're rightly excited by your entries; we promise not to drag the process out unduly.

    • How will I know if my entry has been approved?
    • When you look at your entry in the Account Management screen you will see, under each image, whether it is Approved, Pending, Denied, or other statuses.

    • I saw a really great model on here, but I've looked everywhere, and it's gone! What happened?
    • The Inspiration Gallery is a dynamic collection of images from several different sources. Beyond images in Reaper's collection no copies of images are kept if the painter decides to overwrite an image, delete the image, or eliminate the entry entirely.

    • I have a converted mini (with parts from another manufacturer), can I post it?
    • Conversions are a really cool way of truly making a figure your own! If a figure is roughly 70% comprised of a single SKU and recognizable as such, you may submit that figure under the "majority" SKU. Sculpted extras, accoutrements, and other miscellany are also fine. However, as with the policy above about non-Reaper figures, we cannot post miniatures into the gallery with readily identifiable or iconic parts or bits that were not manufactured by Reaper Miniatures. Obviously, very generic parts (such as a hand, boot, etc) might not be noticeable to the reviewer, while weapons, heads, or other equipment might be more readily identified. It is the submitter's responsibility to ensure the figure does not violate another company's Intellectual Property, and while Reaper Miniatures will make every effort to screen such miniatures it cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in the screening process, but will make every possible effort to quickly remove any images violating this policy when notified by the holder of the Intellectual Property.

      In more generic terms, if you've performed a head swap, weapon swap, sculpted a cape, dremelled off all the hair, or other such modification it will be fine. However, if a figure is a conglomeration of many parts and the "main" part of the figure is not easily recognizable, it will not be allowed in the gallery. As always, Reaper Miniatures has the final say upon which models do or do not fit within the boundaries of this policy.

    • How do I link my Inspiration Gallery entry to my Reaper Show Off Forum post?
    • When you are creating an entry, you have the option to link to a post you have already made in Reaper's Show Off Forum. To do this, you can go to your post in the forums and copy all of the information in the Address Bar, or just the number of the post itself. For example, let's pretend you go to your post on the forums, and you see this in your address bar:


      You can copy and paste that into the "4) Is this mini on the forums? Link it here:" box on the Inspiration Entry page, or just the number of the post itself (12345, in this hypothetical case). Note that you can only link to the Reapermini.com forum and not another forum on another site.

  • Entry Management

    • Why can I not see a link to manage my entries?
    • You must be logged into the website to see the "Manage your entries!" link on the upper right corner of the page, along with having to have submitted entries first.

    • How do I add/change a title for my entry?
    • In each entry you will see the word "Title:" in the upper left corner of the Management page. Simply click on the word "Title:", or the title itself if you entered a previous one, and a dialog box will appear (if you hover over the title the background should turn yellow and the words "Click to Edit" appear). Simply type the title you want (or delete the title) and press Enter or hit the OK button, and your changes will be saved.

    • How do I change the order of the pictures?
    • To change the order of the images, simply click and drag the image you want to reorder to the space you want it to occupy; the other images will slide around accordingly. Note that if an entry only has one image it will of course be in the main slot. Once you let go of the mouse button the server will save your changes (yes, we played with it ourselves quite a bit once we got it working, it's ok if you do too). Note that this, of course, requires you to be in the Management page.

    • How do I add/delete/change images for my entry?
    • In the upper right corner of each entry on the Management page you should see the words "Add, delete, or change images". Clicking on them will take you to a new screen similar to the Add Entry screen without a space for title or SKU. Make any changes you would like to and hit Save Changes for the images to be uploaded to the server. Note that this screen will show you messages if your image was denied.

    • How do I delete an entry?
    • In the bottom right corner of each image on the Management screen is a link that says "Delete entry". Clicking on this will take you to a confirmation screen which will ask you if you're sure you want to delete that entry, along with showing you the pictures in it to ensure you clicked the correct one. If you are, hit Delete Entry again to remove the entry. If you clicked on the first link by accident the first time, simply navigate away from the screen to preserve your entry. Note that once you confirm deletion your entry and all images will be completely removed from Reaper's servers. Reaper will be unable to restore entries deleted in this fashion, so be sure you wish to delete the entry.

    • How do I add a link to a Show Off Forum post?
    • After you have created an entry, you have the option to link to a post you have already made in Reaper's Show Off Forum. To do this, you can go to your post in the forums and copy all of the information in the Address Bar, or just the number of the post itself. For example, let's pretend you go to your post on the forums, and you see this in your address bar:


      You can then log into Reapermini.com, go to the Inspiration Gallery, and click on the Management link. In each entry you should see the words, "Forum Post #:", underneath the SKU and Title area. Click on the words, "Forum Post #:" and a text box should appear; copy and paste the forum link into the box, or just the number of the post itself (12345, in this hypothetical case), and either hit the Enter Key or the OK button. Note that you can only link to the Reapermini.com forum and not another forum on another site.

    • How do I add color tags to my entry?
    • You can add color tags to your entry right after you submit it for approval. Go to the Inspiration Management page and click on the "Add/Edit Color Tags" link to go to the Color Tagging page for the desired entry.

      You should see all of the images in your entry on separate rows. The left portion of each row is your image as it appears in the "Full" view of the Inspiration Gallery. The right portion has three squares at the top (blank to start with) which show the three colors the system has saved for your image. Below that is a large box with swatches inside it; these colors are automatically generated by the Color Tagging system as the most common colors it "sees" in the image. At the bottom of the right-hand side are two boxes which show swatch results generated by clicking on the picture in exactly the same way the Power Palette works. You can use either the pre-generated swatches or click around on the image to find a color you feel matches better. Hovering over any of the smaller swatches will show the SKU and name of the paint color.

      As you click on swatches the three boxes will change to show you a larger version of that swatch, along with the SKU and name of the paint color. If you have a color you think is perfect, but want to click around more, click on the box next to "Lock" underneath that particular swatch. Note that the three colors per image should be unique; clicking on a swatch you already have chosen will not save it twice.

      When choosing the three colors to represent your image, ask yourself "What are the main colors of my figure?" While some figures and paintjobs, like a jester in motley, might have a complicated answer, most painted figures will have two or three prominent colors that could be used to describe the palette. Simply look through the swatches or click around on the figure till you find a color swatch that you feel best matches the majority of an area on your painted figure.

    • Can I color tag my entry even if I did not use Reaper paints?
    • The quick answer is "Yes!" and the slightly longer answer is "Please!" The Color Tagging system was added to the Inspiration Gallery to help painters get new, different, and maybe even better ideas on how to render colors on a figure. Even if the entry was not painted with Reaper paints tagging your entry to close approximations still helps out your fellow painter by giving them more options. Just click around on the image or use a pre-generated swatch you feel closely matches whatever paint you used.

    • Do I have to go through each picture and choose the exact same three colors?
    • Choosing a color for one image in an entry means all of the images in the entry show up in a search for that color, so you do not have to choose the same colors for all of the images. More images per entry does mean that a greater total of color matches are possible (up to nine); if you have a hard time picking the "right" paint match for a color on your miniature you can use extra slots to choose the top two or three matches.

    • Are color tags required?
    • Color Tags are not required at all to have your entry approved and displayed in the Inspiration Gallery. We felt that keeping the submission process fast and easy was very important, and we knew that not everyone would want to spend the time needed to tag all of their images. Note that the images in the Reaper Collection will eventually all have color tags, but due to volume (and the influx of new pictures, of course) the entirety of the Reaper Collection may not be completely tagged at any given time.

    • How can I get the exact color I want to be a color tag?
    • The Color Tagging system uses the same system as the Power Palette, with all of the same stipulations and limitations. The colors in the image may not match up to the colors you used on the figure for several reasons. The quality of the photograph, and especially the lighting, can drastically change how the computer interprets the colors in the image. Also, the Power Palette system only returns the closest single paint match to a pixel or area, as it cannot deduce mixtures of paint. If your exact match does not turn up anywhere in the pre-generated list or when you click on the image we suggest choosing the closest possible match or matches.

  • Denial Message Explanations

  • If your image was denied you will see the word "Denied" below it, and a large red X through the middle of the thumbnail. Don't despair though! Look through the below list to see if it is a problem you can quickly fix, then re-submit the new photo.

    • "Your image was denied due to the overall quality of the image and/or paint job."
    • Images for the Inspiration Gallery should be cleanly painted and based with a good, clear photo of the miniature itself. If your image is denied for this reason, don't worry! Head to the Show Off Forum and post your image there; the Show Off Forum has a large number of really helpful people who can set you on the right track, whether it be painting your miniature or photographing it in the best way to show it off!

    • "Your image was denied due to not being a Reaper miniature or having non-Reaper miniatures or parts."
    • We're sorry, but we can only accept Reaper miniatures for the Inspiration Gallery. Scenic basing or bits which are not iconic or clearly another company's product are allowed; models from another manufacturer or pieces of models readily identifiable are not.

    • "Your image was denied due to having a watermark or logo."
    • To ensure all submitted work is attributed fairly and in the same fashion watermarks, logos, or text are not allowed in Inspiration Gallery images.

    • "Your image was denied due to the material belonging to another person or group."
    • In order to attribute miniatures correctly to the artist who painted them you are only allowed to post miniatures that are of your own work.

    • "Your image was denied due to inappropriate themes or content."
    • Reaper Miniatures reserves the right to not accept images of subject matter it deems inappropriate.

    • "Your image was denied due to excessive whitespace around the image."
    • Because images are of a fixed size it is important to ensure you have cropped or trimmed your photos down to display just the miniature itself. See the documentation of your favorite graphics editor for more information on how to crop your photos, and look at the other images in the Inspiration Gallery to obtain a better idea of a "good" crop, along with the photos below.

      Excessive space, makes actual figure too small.

      Good framing, allows figure more room.

    • "Your image was denied due to having miniatures that do not share a SKU in the same entry."
    • The Inspiration Gallery is designed to allow people to quickly find painted versions of miniatures. Entries must be of one figure and SKU only in order to lessen the possibility of confusion.

    • "Your entry was denied due to the picture not quite doing your paintjob justice. Please re-shoot or adjust your photo for higher quality."
    • In order for people to see your paintjob clearly, the picture should be well-lit, in proper focus, and cropped to show the miniature centered in the frame. Several tips and settings can be used to obtain a clear image of a miniature, such as turning off the flash on the camera, lighting with several lights of the same bulb type, and setting your camera on Macro mode. Our Shutterbug Forum would be a great place to ask for help in photographing your miniatures if you have questions.

    • My image was denied, but it wasn't any of the above!
    • Typically the reviewer will use a pre-set response to common problems entries have, but every so often they will either type the reason a figure has been denied if it needs further explanation, or if it does not cover something already listed.

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